Produced as part of a team of five, with two based in the UK and three in Hong Kong, the WearTech bracelet was designed to accommodate individuals who wished to attend large group gatherings but who also suffered from forms of social anxiety.
The bracelet would come as part of a pair, with the main device to be worn by the primary client, and the secondary device to be worn by the client's designated support. The secondary device would act as a receiver, with most functionality coming from the main device.
The main device has two main functions, a 'Find my friend' mode and an 'SOS' mode. The 'Find my friend' mode also came in two parts, one that activated the secondary device, lighting it up in blue to allow the primary client to locate their friends in a crowded location; and a lighter version of the SOS feature, where the primary device would light up as well as activating the secondary device to light both in blue to assist both parties to locate one another.
The SOS mode was for emergencies, and would result in the primary device lighting up in red and sounding an alarm. The secondary device would also light up in red, with a custom alarm. A GPS tracker in the primary device would also switch on, to be used in case of the wearer being abducted or fleeing the location through panic. This mode was designed to allow both wearers to reunite as quickly and safely as possible, and was the original motivation for the bracelet's creation.
A prototype of the bracelet was built by the Hong Kong team as part of their brief, whilst the UK team produced a concept video demonstrating how the product worked.
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